Grade 9

  • GOAL:  That the youth grow in their understanding of Jesus as the Jesus of history and as Lord of faith. (GDC #87, 98)
    The youth will learn to:
    • Recognize the presence of the Risen Lord in the persons and events encountered in daily life {GDC # 16, 116, 117} [CCC: 533, 542, 947, 953, 2790-2792, 2820]
    • Name and describe the following main qualities and virtues of Jesus  as revealed by His  words and actions recorded in the gospels  {GDC #98, 140}  [CCC: 561]
      • His total obedience to the Father’s will for him {GDC #99, 100, 123} [CCC: 566, 569, 606, 609-612, 615]
      • His friendship, love and fidelity to his disciples {GDC #137} [CCC: 551-552, 9983, 1506]
      • His humility and meekness, compassion and mercy {GDC #86} [CCC: 565, 1503-1509]
      • His availability, concern and sensitivity for the needs of the poor, the sick, the oppressed, and the sinner {GDC #102, 103, 104} [CCC: 1503-1509]
      • His courage and self-sacrifice as revealed in the way he approached his passion and death [CCC: 478, 607, 616]
    • Give a simple explanation of the creedal statement that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine {GDC #99]  [CCC: 423, 426, 469, 469-470]
    • Give a simple explanation of Jesus’ relation to the Father as God’s Son and God’s Eternal Word {GDC #99} [CCC: 65, 456-460]
    • Apply the example of Jesus to their own efforts to be more responsive to the needs of those around them {GDC #80, 108, 109} [CCC: 2443-2449]
    • Explain the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer {GDC #115} [CCC: 2857-2865]
    • Pray using various forms of prayer: journaling, meditation, scripture, silence, mantra, etc. {GDC #85} [CCC: 2663-2679]
    The youth will understand:
    • The nature of faith as a personal relationship of friendship with God the Father, with Jesus, The Risen Lord and with the Holy Spirit (Trinity) {GDC# 55} [CCC: 142, 154, 160]
    • That their baptism has established them as disciples of Jesus {GDC# 65} [CCC: 520, 1213, 1227, 1276, 1279]
    • The nature of discipleship and the responsibilities to walk, learn, and work with Jesus {GDC# 34, 41, 85} [CCC: 794, 1506-1507, 1691- 1698]
    • The nature of the Church as a community of disciples of Jesus {GDC# 80, 253} [CCC: 781-782]
    • The meaning contained in the following title of Jesus: Messiah/Christ; Rabbi/Prophet; High Priest; Lamb of God; Son of Man [CCC: 430-455, 464]
    • Assume the responsibility of stewardship and hospitality within the parish {GDC# 86} [CCC: 1309]
    • The nature and goals of the Church’s ecumenical efforts {GDC# 86, 197, 200} [CCC: 820-821]
    • The relationship of the Roman Catholic Church to the other Christian and non-Christian traditions {GDC#86} [CCC: 820-821]
    Youth will have the opportunity to:
    • Plan and carry out peer ministry, with the guidance of adults
    • Assume various roles in the parish liturgy: servers, readers, ushers, hospitality, music, planning the environment
    • Participate in a retreat or evening of recollection with the opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation
    Parents/Guardians are asked to:
    • Encourage your son/daughter to assume various roles in the parish liturgy; servers, readers, ushers, music, hospitality and planning the environment
    • Participate in the celebration of the Eucharist with your son/daughter on weekends and holy days of obligation
    • Participate with your son/daughter in a parish Reconciliation Service
    • Identify ways you and your son/daughter can fulfill the obligation to be good stewards in the parish and in society

Circle of Grace is the Safe Environment Curriculum Required by the Diocese of Superior for use in our formation programs.

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Circle of Grace Curriculum: Grade 9